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Grinding Food Wastes Has Never Been Better

The Perfect Food Waste Disposal

Reduce your daily food scraps. End the food waste issues. Let’s create a bigger difference not just to your kitchen but also to your community, and the environment.

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The Perfect Garbage Disposal

Reduce your daily food scraps. End the food waste issues. Let’s create a bigger difference not just to your kitchen but also to your community, and the environment.

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Enjoy the Latest Features!


Ultra Powerful

Uses two titanium alloy swivelling metal impellers and high speed motor which can grind food waste thoroughly.


Ultra-quiet Design

With cushioning features that can reduce shaking and noise.  Extra-low noise value below 20 decibels.

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Easy to Clean

Its removable splash guard cover makes it easy to clean the disposal and avoid garbage spillage.


Extremely Safe

With high sensitive protection system that can protect from overheating and water leakages.

Why a Garbage Disposal is a Must-Have?

Data don’t lie. These facts show that food waste has a huge impact on our environment. The reason why we need to act now!

Food Waste as Global Environmental Concern


Global Food Waste contributes to Greenhouse Gasses Emission

About one-third of all our food produced in the world goes to waste. It is equivalent to 1.3 billion tons of food each year. If this food waste goes to landfill and will rot, it will emit methane. It contributes about 11% of the overall greenhouse gasses emission.
Source: Food & Agriculture Organization of United Nations

Asia’s Rising Food Waste Level



Asia’s food waste level is rising – accounting for a total of over 50% of the global count. This is the combined numbers of South, South East and industrialised countries of Asia.

Source: Food Navigator

More Food Waste = More Bacteria = Food Borne Diseases



With frequent cooking means additional food waste in your trash. Increased bacteria in your kitchen. And, bacteria in the kitchen that can cause foodborne illness. Food waste e.g. spoiled food can be a major source of contaminants. World Health Organization presented that about 600 million which is almost 1 out of 10 people in the world fall ill after eating contaminated food.

Source: World Health Organization

Say Goodbye to Food Waste!

Grinding various types of food waste is now possible. Fruits pits, chicken bones, wings, veggies skin, fibrous fruit, and a lot more. It is fitted under your sink; it can effortlessly grind food waste into smaller particles – where it can be easily flushed away for processing at your local wastewater treatment plant.

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How a Food Waste Disposal Works

About 1.3 billion tons of food waste ended up in landfills each year which produces harmful greenhouse gasses. Instead of turning this into methane, we can convert food wastes into biogas with the help of garbage disposers.

The garbage disposal will grind food waste into tiny pieces. These are then flushed away through your plumbing system into your local wastewater treatment facility. Then, the facility will convert it into useful biogas and becomes fertilizer for agriculture.

And, the awesome advantage in your kitchen is that you can make it cleaner – away from harmful bacteria and unwanted odour.  And, you are the making the best move – your own step for a cleaner environment.

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Food Waste Disposals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal unit is an equipment that is found or added under your sink. It grinds the food scraps into tiny pieces which will then passes down the drain while there is a heavy flow of water. Inside its grinding chamber, you can find the blades that are responsible for turning your food wastes into tiny pieces. Also, there is an impeller arm and plate that force these tiny bits of food scraps and water down the drain. This makes the food waste passes easily the drain without clogging.

With the advancement of technology, we can observe the flexibility of food waste disposal in terms of items that can be put down the disposal. But, to avoid malfunction of the equipment, it is advisable not to put the following items down the disposal:

  • Fat, Cooking or Grease
  • Fibrous fruits and Vegetables
  • Pasta, Rice and Oats
  • Beans
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Any hard items

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen is among the best idea that you can make. With a garbage disposer you can eliminate clogging in your drain and be able to reduce your food waste. This equipment can grind your food scraps into tiny pieces. Thus, it can easily pass down the drain. You can also start a great move of taking part in reducing the detrimental effects of food waste in our environment.

Our garbage disposer is specifically designed to produce sound below 20 decibels. Thus, you can’t even notice that it is working within your kitchen. It’s super quiet than you imagined.

It’s a YES. It is designed with a highly sensitive protection system that can protect from overheating and water leakages. There’s also an air-switch making it safer to turn it on or off even if you’ve got a wet hand.

Always use it regularly and avoid those items that must not be put down the drain e.g cooking oil or grease.  When your food disposal is running always make sure to accompany it with running water. It will guide the tiny bits down the drain. It is also advisable to use cold water when its grinding your food scraps.  The cold water will prevent the fats within your food scraps from liquefying – potential cause of clogging. It can keep the fats in solid state unlike using hot water, after the temperature cools down it can solidify these fats and can clog your drain.  

You can use hot water when cleaning your disposal unit but it will depend on the cleaning material that you will use, if you are using baking soda, vinegar or some citric acid, using hot water is ideal. But, if you are going to use citrus peels, cold water is much better option.  


Effective in Grinding Various Types of

Food Wastes

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Grind More Food Waste!

Protect Your Health & the Environment

Our latest X Living Garbage Disposal is made from high-quality materials which are effective in grinding your food waste. The best choice for its affordability and practicality – ideally suited for everyday use.

Say goodbye to food wastes and its detrimental effect. Let’s convert your waste into a useful resource now! Start making a bigger difference not just in your kitchen but also to your community and the environment.

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