It's time to say goodbye with your food waste with this ultra-powerful food waste disposal that can grind food wastes into tiny bits. Avoid clogging your drain and unwanted smell from your left-over. And what's awesome the thing? By using this garbage disposer you can't only create a big difference to your kitchen, but also to your community and the environment. 

  • Ultra Powerful - Can grind your food waste into tiny pieces for an average of 2mm. Avoid clogging and unwanted smell from your leftovers.
  • Ultra-quiet Design  - Extra-low noise value below 20 decibels and applying three-point locking technology for the reduction of vibration.
  • Easy to Clean - With removable splash cover for easy cleaning and avoid spillage of your garbage waste.
  • Extremely Safe - Having a high sensitive protection system that can protect from overheating and water leakages.