Simple Cleaning Solution for your Garbage Disposal

Learn how you can keep your garbage disposal clean with these easy tips.

August 17, 2020

Garbage disposer is an amazing equipment within our equipment. It has a magical way of making our food waste to turn into tiny bits – which seems to disappear. But, to continue its magical power, it’s essential that you must clean it regularly. As it continues to grind up, some waste will build up around the disposer chamber which can cause clogging and a broken unit. Cleaning is the key to continue its function.

Among the signs that you need to watch out that could tell that your garbage disposal needs cleaning – it’s starting to smell bad; a foul odour is a sign of stinky slime build up around the chamber. You need to act before it can affect your health.

Frequent cleaning or a weekly cleaning can help you maintain the effectiveness of your garbage disposal.

What to Prepare?

Before starting your weekly cleaning, it is essential that you prepare the cleaning supplies. You can use the materials just found in your household. And, below are the materials that you need:

  • 6 Ice cubes

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda 

  • 3 thin lemon slices 

  • teaspoon of bleach 

3 Easy Step to Follow

Step #1: Start by turning off the switch of your disposal. Also make sure that the water is not yet running. Then, it’s time to put the ice cubes down the chamber. This will be followed by the addition of baking soda, lemon slices and the bleach. 

Step #2: Now, it’s time to turn on the disposal, without turning on the water from your faucet. You must turn on the disposal until you hear that its grinding stop. 

Step #3: As the motor continues to run but the grinding stop, it’s now time flush cold water for about 30 seconds. 

What to Avoid?



Take in mind that the garbage disposal is made of metal and is subject to corrosion.  It is vital that you avoid using commercial garbage disposal cleaners since it may contain abrasive components that can damage the metal components of the disposal especially its metal plate.  In addition, avoid putting lye and/or chemical drain cleaners. Remember, it’s also harmful to the environment. 

Also, make sure to avoid reaching your hands inside the disposal, although it does not have a sharp blade or the impellers, but it may cut yourself. So always be careful especially when the disposal is running. 

Useful Tips to Avoid Having a Bad Odour 

To avoid making your disposal smell bad or to keep its odour to a minimum, you may follow the tips below. 

  • When using the disposal, make sure that you partner it with a water. You may add water before using, while it’s grinding and after it processed the food. 

  • You may also run a cold water before using it, while its running and after it stopped running. This will allow the food to move swiftly to the pipes.  

Maintaining Your Garbage Disposals

To keep your disposal running on a good condition, aside from cleaning, you must be aware that not all food waste can be thrown away on your disposal. There are certain materials that you must avoid putting down your disposal.

  • You must only put biodegradable materials, but you must avoid fibrous materials such as kale, something starchy like potato peel and expandable food like pasta. You must also avoid putting coffee ground since it can clog your drain.
  • Even though the grinding stop, you may continue to run it together with running water since there are still tiny particles that is still on the process.
  • Avoid adding grease on your garbage disposal. It may cause slowing down the motor of your disposal. Also, it can end up clogging your drain. Before putting your greasy pan on your sink, make sure that you have wipe it off first with kitchen towel.
  • If you’ve got some large biodegradable items to be added on your disposal, you may cut it off first to avoid getting stuck on your disposal.

With regular cleaning and avoiding the materials that must not be put down in your disposal, you can ensure that your disposal will continue to run smoothly. You may also remind yourself or add a note on your calendar If it’s time cleaning time. With regular cleaning you can avoid making your disposal to smell bad and avoid bacteria and germs build up.

P.S. Cleaning just takes a short time. So, don’t forget to clean your disposal regularly.

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